“An inherently fascinating and ultimately inspiring read from the first page to last, Life 2.0: A Journey From Near Death to New Life is an extraordinary and unreservedly recommended addition to community library Contemporary Health/Medicine collections.”

“Life 2.0 is an incredible account of one man’s stark recognition of his mortality and the beautiful path to health and the new life he experiences. Not since Steven Levine’s “A Year to Live” have I read a more moving account of how a brush with death can be a lesson to live more fully. Long before the importance of frontline healthcare workers came to light with COVID, Kevin shows us how these heroes impacted his life and how he changed theirs in the making. Kevin shows us the preciousness of life that we sometimes take for granted and how to continue this amazing journey with a newfound faith and love for those we encounter.”

“I have just been on an “emotional roller coaster” while reading this book! I was on the edge of my seat…moved to tears…and in total elation as I read Kevin’s amazing story…which is not over yet! This thought-provoking story provides a catalyst for us, the readers, to look inside ourselves and do some self-examination…do I take each day for granted, am I taking charge of my health, and am I living my best life ever? Thank you, Kevin, for giving me a “kick in pants” to take stock of my own life, to hit the “reset button” and start anew by living my best life NOW!”

“Life 2.0 is a book written from the depths of Kevin Kirksey’s heart and spirit. I believe that the discovery, or should I say revelation or grace, that Kevin has experienced, practiced, and documented, is a secret that, sadly, many people may never experience. The book gave me a different perspective on how we should live our lives. I believe Kevin has truly experienced something deeply spiritual that people seek throughout their lives, but most never find it. This book was inspiring and challenges me, each day, to live a better life.”

“Highly recommend his book, Life 2.0, Kevin’s chronicle of his unlikely detection of a likely fatal heart condition, followed by a series of equally unlikely events that led him to outstanding treatment and recovery. For people of faith and those of none, you should read this book!”

“I titled this review with words I describe Author Kirksey after reading this book. Kirksey hit a home run with his story about surviving and living with heart disease. I liked the narrative storytelling of actual events, his formula for living a better life after heart surgery, and the way he described discovering Life 2.0. I lost my dad to heart disease recently, and this book has been a gift. I highly recommend Kevin and this book.”

“Kevin’s story is a true inspiration and brought me to tears at points. What he’s gone through some would call luck, others would call a miracle. Regardless of what you would call it one thing is certain; it’s a pretty incredible story. When it’s all over, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be rethinking your health and planning your own v.2.0. Thank you for such an inspirational story, Kevin!”

“After reading Life 2.0, I ordered books for all nurse managers at my hospital. It is refreshing to see how what we do every day impacts our patients! With all we are facing at the bedside, a reminder that we make a difference is wonderful. I appreciate the candid description of receiving care, as only a patient could give. Thanks to Kevin for sharing his story so we can be revitalized as care providers. I highly recommend for the good read and pride in our profession. A great investment for any nurse.”

“This is a touching and insightful firsthand experience dealing with a serious, life-altering medical condition. I think it will serve well as a guide for people with heart disease to help them cope with their condition and find a path to better health. Mr. Kirksey is a great role model for those who struggle with the burden of illness. The story is also an emotional tribute to those who helped him along the way. His religious faith and family support were essential elements of his recovery and his new life. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has struggled with their health or that of a loved one.”

“Life 2.0 is a call to move forward with our lives, bringing the best of our past with hope for the future and humanity. Mr. Kirksey came to his Life 2.0 through a life-altering illness and long rehabilitation. Still, he notes that all of us can access Life 2,0 by examining our hearts and asking ourselves those all-important questions regarding our purpose on Earth and what matters most. It is an important work that challenges the reader to live a richer, more meaningful life.”

“Kevin has an incredible way of drawing you in with his storytelling, hanging onto every word. This book tugs at my heartstrings because my favorite part of my job is seeing the transformation that patients like Kevin describe. This book is worth the read. I guarantee you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat. Kevin challenges us all to extend gratitude to those who have impacted our lives deeply. I hope I can express my gratitude in as much detail as he did.”

“Life 2.0 is a great read and is relevant to people of all ages. A true eye-opener of just how important health and awareness is to living an abundant and beautiful life. Life 2.0 is a story to be shared with loved ones and anyone you know in life going through a difficult time, health-related or otherwise.”

“Kevin generously shares his heart surgery story and intimate feelings before, during, and after his recovery. As a nurse, I recognize his feelings as those experienced by many patients who have had heart conditions. They will find it comforting to know that their feelings are common among those who have similar health experiences.”